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Full and Partial Dentures

The idea of wearing dentures often brings a sense of dread to many people, when dentures can in fact solve many of the common problems relating to tooth loss. They can help you chew with ease, speak with no difficulty, and smile with confidence. If you are considering dentures in Thousand Oaks, CA, the team from Hart Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry can help!
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What are Dentures?

As a full or partial set of artificial teeth, dentures are a common solution when you have lost your natural teeth. There are many different factors that lead to tooth
loFull and Partial Denturesss, including poor oral hygiene, facial trauma, as well as severe malnutrition or even genetic defects.

Fortunately, not only do dentures fully restore the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your smile, but they also help counteract the causes of tooth loss that can affect your overall health if left untreated. In addition, your dentist can now stabilize your dentures with implants, providing you with additional comfort.

Dentures are a set of artificial teeth used when a patient has lost real teeth.

We are proud to offer the following types of dentures:
  • Partial dentures – for patients who have lost several but not all of their teeth, available as a removable or fixed option. Fixed partial dentures, also known as bridges, are made from a series of dental crowns to be fitted onto your natural teeth, with full artificial teeth filling the gaps in-between.
  • Full or complete dentures – for patients who have lost teeth in the upper or lower arch, or both.

At our dental office, we also offer a denture reline to provide better stability and comfort to your dentures. Rather than utilizing a manual, in-office option, we instead provide a lab reline. A lab reline provides added durability, better resistance to breakage and staining, as well as an improved fit and retention in your mouth.

To learn more about how you can benefit from dentures in Thousand Oaks or nearby areas, please do not hesitate to call or email Hart Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry today.

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